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Conveyor Belt Board Game




This is the new board game invented by Franklin Wright called Conveyor Belt, contestants have to make their way around the board using the pallet conveyor belt using strategy and of course a little bit of luck and use cards to change the direction of the conveyor belt to try and reach the finish line first. The game is suitable for 2-4 players of 6 years old and over and would make a great party of family night game to add to your collection. This is very different to most of the board games available at the moment and is a credit to Franklin Wright who also won the 2013 National Young Game Inventor contest. This would also make a great game to have around at Christmas with all the family after Christmas dinner. Board games really are the best way to bring the family together and bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. Other top boards games include Trivial Persuit, Monopoly, Twister and Snakes and Ladders. Other non board games like Giant Jenga, Kerplunk and Buckeroo are also worth considering as they can also be lots and lots of fun for all the family too. All these are available at or at very reasonable prices.