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Omron Series 10 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Series 10
Blood Pressure Monitor

Easy to use omron series 10 blood pressure monitor

Omron series 10 : Its not often we post about health gadgets but with a growing number of people with Hypertension (high blood pressure) we thought it would be a good idea to feature the Omron Series 10 wireless blood pressure monitor. omron series 10 blood pressure monitor in boxIt is one of the few blood pressure monitors recommended by a number of doctors and is simple to use and packed with loads of useful functions. You can store 2 users details and up to 100 readings from each user via the free Omron Wellness app for Apple or Android phones that connects to the Omron series 10 monitor, so you can easily check your progress. The Easy-Wrap ComFit cuff adjusts to fit arms from 9 up to 17 inches in circumference and when it also takes 3 consecutive readings and calculates the average to give a really accurate reading you can trust. It also has multicolored results reading so it is easy to tell if the reading is good or bad.


  • Recommended by pharmacists and doctors.
  • Bluetooth connection enables you to connect to the Omron Wellness app on your smartphone to easily track your progress.
  • TruRead function takes three readings and works out the average to give an accurate reading.
  • Easy wrap Comfit Cuff has full circumference inflation for comfort and adjusts from 9 inches to 17 inches.
  • Extra-Large bright back-lit display and colored indicator lights to show if your reading is normal or needs attention.
  • Saves 200 reading, 100 for each user so you can track your progress.

If you would like more useful information on the best way to lower your blood pressure then you might want to head over to They have loads of articles and useful tips on how to manage and lower your blood pressure.





The vehicle industry has trying to keep the air powered engine a secret for years but finally you get the chance to own one. This fun gadget is a fun educational science kit you put together yourself using some basic tools like a screwdriver, ruler, hammer, scissors and a permanent marker. It is simple to use, just pump up the air chamber and let it go, it will travel 50m in just 35 secs. With no batteries to replace you can have endless fun without interruption and have the enjoyment of building an engine that has been kept a secret for years. It is available from RED5 gadget shop on line for only £17.95 so grab yours today.


The VIZIO E420i-A1 42-inch




3D TV’s have been coming down a lot in price recently but there is one brand that has always been great value and that’s Vizio. One of he latest offering fro them is the VIZIO E420i-A1 42-inch LED Smart HDTV and its currently the best selling 3D TV on with over a 1000 great reviews from people who bought it, this is one brand that is raising some eyebrows. Budget brands used to mean budget quality but this simply isn’t the case with Vizio and they have the customer reviews on Amazon to prove it. So if you are in the market for a new TV I strongly recommend you head over to check out the different Vizio models, reviews and the amazing prices

New PS4 pre order stock now in, but going fast say retailers

New Pre-order stock is now in for the ps4 but you need to be quick

If you want to get your hands on a new PS4 for release day you need to get yours pre ordered as soon as possible. Retailers stopped taking the a few weeks ago as Sony couldn’t guarantee delivery on release day, but retailers are now saying they have conformation from Sony for another batch, but these too are going very quickly indeed. The hype around the new Playstation 4 is very justified as well and I cant wait to get my pre order bundle, which I ordered through they have all the available release bundles available listed on there site.

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The New Teksta Robot Dog

So this is the new Teksta Robot Dog that has just been released and also tipped to be a smash hit this Christmas, and looking at its features its not surprising.


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  • No remote control needed! Now with unique hand gesture control you can control  Teksta with simple hand movements;  train Teksta to stop, sit, and watch him do his most favourite trick of all, a back flip!


  • The new fourth generation Teksta featuring the latest in robotic technology with over 100 physical and interactive play features


  • Teksta comes with his own ball to play fetch and bone accessory so you can feed him when he’s hungry


  • With his  expressive beaming eye patterns that light up in different colours, learn how Teksta is feeling , know when he’s hungry, wants to play or simply wants your loving attention


  • Download the free app for added bonus feature and programme Teksta wirelessly with Apple + Android Tablets


  • With wireless and infrared technology you can train Teksta to play with his friends, control his dance moves to your own music library and let him bark with his friends through his app features

You can buy the Teksta Robot Dog at they have both Boy and Girl puppy’s available (blue and pink) but hurry as demand is high and they will sell out quickly.


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Furby Boom is going to be this years Christmas Number 1 best selling toy according to all the major toy retailers. With amazing new features the new Furby Boom will be an instant hit. You can now buy Furby Boom from and in all 6 colors

On the site you can see all the colors the new Furby Boom is available in and
buy the one you want to avoid disappointment.

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The Best Bluetooth Speakers

The Best Bluetooth Speakers on the Market


So we have been looking into the selection of Bluetooth speakers on the market at the moment and we have separated it into 3 sections, Travel Speakers, Party Speakers and Home Bluetooth Systems.

Travel Bluetooth speakers

After a lot of research we found a clear winner for the Travel speaker section, The Philips Shoqbox SB7200. It is jam packed with features such as hand gesture technology, built-in microphone for use as a speakerphone, the ability to pair 2 speakers at once, one for the left channel and one for the right and the fact it water resistant. If you are looking for a travel speaker look no further.


Bluetooth Party Speakers

The speakers in this section are a big bigger and a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Our favourite was the Soundlink 2 by  Bose, The brilliant clear sound at all volumes and its sleek design made it an easy choice. The case for the speaker also doubles as a stand which was an added bonus.


Home Bluetooth Speakers

In this section the speakers are larger still and also include a lot more features, but again the price increases. The best one by far in our opinion is the Minx Air 200. This amazing piece of kit boasted a subwoofer with a very powerful amp with enough sound to fill the biggest of rooms, an internet radio with over 20,000 tested stations, the ability to pair via Bluetooth or Air Play and a downloadable app for your smartphone so you can control the speaker from your smartphone.

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The Bluetooth Revolution

The Bluetooth Revolution


At the moment there seems to be a Bluetooth revolution emerging, with a massive rise in the popularity of Bluetooth gadgets, especially Bluetooth Speakers. With makers such as Bose, Philips, Beats by Dr dre, Braven, JBL and Jawbone being among the most popular there is a lot of competition. With prices ranging from $30 to $600-$700 the quality can vary a lot so if you are thinking of buying one I would recommend doing some research and reading some reviews. Amazon can be a good resource for reviews and also for finding out which Bluetooth speakers are most popular buy searching through there best seller section. After a little searching my self I found that The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker had a lot of good reviews quoting its sound quality and The Philips Shoqbox SB7200 getting a lot press for being a great activity and travel speaker because of its features and the face its water resistant. So if you are thinking of getting one I would recommend getting yourself over to and start reading some reviews.

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